The Grondona Family

The family spirit continues: the Bonifanti family called another famous Italian family of bakers - the Grondona family. By combining artisan methods and absolute excellence, Bonifanti is one of the top Italian pastry brands today. Products are made for a number of selected private labels in addition to the Bonifanti brand and exported to 23 countries worldwide.

Almost noon, in Bonifanti

We Will tell you a day with us in Bonifanti. Indeed three, because following the artisan method of production respecting the natural times of leavening, baking and cooling, you need just three days to make a Panettone or a Dove Bonifanti.


Villafranca Piemonte

People, friends. The Fishermen's Festival, a feast of the Villafranchese tradition that everyone participates in with enthusiasm. This is the spirit of the people of our parts, respectful of the principles that form the foundations of a community.


IED Collection Tin

Also in 2018 the synergy between Bonifanti and the European Institute of Design of Turin continues, one of the most authoritative international schools for the training of young graphic designers and designers, for the IED Collection Tin in a limited edition of 2000 pieces. The project was included in the curriculum, making it one of the exam tests for students. The works presented were all so beautiful and modern that it was difficult to make a choice for the jury, formed by the Bonifanti management and professionals, who rewarded the best proposal with a scholarship.

A joke

The protagonists of Bonifanti accepted without hesitation the diffusion of cut or discarded scenes, edited like a joke, because they know they have nothing to hide. Transparency is a concept that in Bonifanti becomes reality with ease and naturalness, and these images prove it.

A Choir

Here, each of us must remove a piece of himself, must lose a bit of himself, for a greater good. This is a choir.
A choir has no soloists. The choir is a group that works together by the force of a common purpose.