The Grondona Family

The family spirit continues: the Bonifanti family called another famous Italian family of bakers - the Grondona family. By combining artisan methods and absolute excellence, Bonifanti is one of the top Italian pastry brands today. Products are made for a number of selected private labels in addition to the Bonifanti brand and exported to 23 countries worldwide.


Bonifanti has made top-quality pastry delights since 1932: three generations have devoted themselves to perfecting traditional Italian Christmas and Easter holiday recipes. All Bonifanti products have a unique ingredient: Bonifanti's natural white sourdough, crucial to bake delightful perfumed, tasty and fluffy masterpieces.




Since 1820 the Grondona family works his own natural white sourdough and searches the best raw materials to create today the rich and simple taste of the past. These attentions are used to make Grondona specialties. Some products are still those of the founder’s original recipe book collected at the end of the 1800s, while others are modern takes on timeless pastry classics.

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Duca d’Alba, brand of Grondona, is a truly remarkable biscuit - a bite of uncompromised pleasure. Patisserie for breakfast, a range of biscuits created using top quality ingredients, like rice flour, extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar. The range includes a sugar-free version - a tasty yet healthier alternative to brighten up the breakfast table every day.

logo duca d'alba  

  Since 1958, in a well-stocked grocery store in Genoa, the Bocchia family has started to devote itself with passion and quality to roast coffee and experiment with new blends. Sharing that enthusiasm, the new generations have developed the business by expanding the range of coffee and other artisanal products that go well with these precious combinations of tastes, opening 4 stores on the east coast of Liguria. Today’s result is a company that has made the words “quality, variety, courtesy” the satisfaction of its customers, continuing the tradition of roasting “Made in Italy”.