A Choir

Here, each of us must remove a piece of himself, must lose a bit of himself, for a greater good. This is a choir.
A choir has no soloists. The choir is a group that works together by the force of a common purpose.

When we met Bonifanti for the first time they had nothing to do with music, at least in appearance; But we agreed immediately. We found ourselves in the same "pentagram".

And this was a gift for us. Watch them work, putting together many ingredients, as we also do. And they are many different ingredients, so you have to know and mix them, as we do.

When we went to meet them I made them listen to our music and they showed me their work. And I was very impressed to see the Master Lievitista, inside that room full of yeasts, who used the words I often use: these experiences we make are precious and must be maintained. This so ancient yeast, so precious, must be kept and I am its custodian.

Here is the taste of the passion to keep the precious things that I found in what Bonifanti does.