Optical Glassato 

This version in red contains a Glazed Panettone, the most popular and beloved of all.

Cod. S21 1000 g - 4 pz x crt



Optical Senza Canditi 

Not everyone loves candied fruit but everyone loves Panettone. A Panettone without candied fruit,
like the blue version picked from the Optical range, will be sure to please everyone for the holidays.

Cod. S35 1000 g - 4 pz x crt


Optical Milanese

The blue shades of the package evoke the classic Panettone made according to the original recipe from Milan.

Cod. S29 1000 g - 4 pz x crt


Optical Pera e Cioccolato

If mouth-watering chocolate springs to mind looking at this package, you are not mistaken. This version in enticing shades of brown is dedicated to chocolate, here married with pears. A unique combination for an incomparable Bonifanti Panettone.   

Cod. S39
1000 g - 4 pz x crt


Optical Misto Frutta

Some instinctively associate the colour green with nature and its bounty. They will not be disappointed by discovering a mixed fruit Panettone filled with fruity sweet flavours in this Optical package.

Cod. S36 1000 g - 4 pz x crt


Optical Amarena

Christmas red also evokes cherries, which not by chance are the main ingredient of the product in this Optical Amarena package.

Cod. S22 1000 g - 4 pz x crt


Optical Cioccolato

The modern and attractive appeal of the brown version of Optical line is the perfect wrapping for a Panettone Glassato al Cioccolato with chocolate chips and hazelnuts icing.

Cod. S38 1000 g - 4 pz x crt


Optical Mirtilli Rossi

The natural, beneficial properties of cranberries make this Panettone truly unique for its particular flavour and healthiness.
The green version of the Optical line vividly evokes nature.

Cod. S37 1000 g - 4 pz x crt