Panettone Gran Milanese Alto

Tall or flat? This is a question without objective answers. Who prefers the tall Panettone, is generally looking for softness, meaning a particularly tender texture, and who chooses Bonifanti knows that he can find it in this version of the typical Milanese Panettone.

Cod. i06 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Gran Milanese Alto

Panettone Gran Milanese

Milan is not only the fashion capital. It is the symbol of Bonifanti Panettone conceived in its original receipt, with raisins and candied orange and cedar peels, in its flat version that concentrates and exalts the flavours and scents of the mix.

Cod. i04 750 g - 12 pz x crt
Cod. i05 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Gran Milanese

Panettone Glassato senza Canditi

The candied fruit selected by Bonifanti, of first selection and in large chunks, is of top quality, however not everybody likes Panettone with candied fruit...The great classic Bonifanti gives up candied fruit for the joy and taste of those who like it without.

Cod. i07
1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Glassato senza Canditi

Panettone Glassato

With closed eyes. You can’t mistake it. It’s number one, the most renewed, the most loved. It’s the great classic Bonifanti with raisins, candied orange and cedar peels, topped by the unique hazelnut and whole almond icing.

Cod. i01 750 g - 12 pz x crt
Cod. i02 1000 g - 6 pz x crt
Cod. i03 1500 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Classico Glassato 750g

Panettone Glassato con pezzi di Cioccolato

Hazelnuts and chocolate: an irresistible combination that evokes our childhood memories, typical of the Piedmont tradition. The classic crunchy hazelnut icing envelopes and tops the mix that is enriched with delicious dark chocolate chunks.

Cod. i08 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Farcito al Cioccolato

There are people fond of chocolate who are truly demanding. Bonifanti Panettone filled with chocolate accepts the challenge and triples the taste with a particularly creamy filling, a delicious cocoa icing and ground dark chocolate to garnish it.

Cod. i17 850 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Caffè e Cioccolato

Many like matching chocolate with coffee. It is a timeless ancient tradition, and this Panettone keeps its promise as soon as unwrapped, when a delicate coffee aroma fades into the mix scents.

Cod. S07 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Pera Pesca

At Christmas, you may want to taste something different, however in line with traditions. This special Panettone is dedicated to those who love combining simple and genuine natural flavours. Candied pear and peach pulp perfectly merge in a Panettone with hazelnut icing.

Cod. i30 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone ai Mirtilli Rossi

Native Americans were using cranberries to medicate wounds and to treat digestive disorders. Today this fruit rich of anti-oxidants and renowned for its beneficial properties characterises a very peculiar Panettone, appreciated for its unique flavour and high digestibility.

Cod. i20 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Misto Frutta

Fruit and dessert are usually consumed at the end of Christmas lunches and dinners to extend as much as possible, the pleasure of the festivity. For those who wish to indulge in this temptation, there is an extraordinarily fruited Panettone with apricot, cherry, cedar and orange peels, papaya, candied peaches, first quality candied fruits that create a perfect mix of scents and flavours.

Cod. i21 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Mela e Uvetta

There are combinations able to astonish and stimulate curiosity, in line with traditions. Under the hazelnut icing topped by almond sticks, candied apple chunks and raisins are brightened up with cinnamon, for an irresistible Christmas evocation.

Cod. S02 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Marrons Glacés

Being fond of marron glacè is not a sin, and not only enthusiasts of this precious flavour will appreciate the incredible balance created by chunks of marron glacè that replace raisins and candied fruit in the mix of a truly unique Panettone.

Cod. i15 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Pera e Cioccolato

Pear and chocolate, one of the most appreciated combinations by chefs, confectionaries and gourmets worldwide. This unique dough is re-interpreted by Bonifanti in a non-glazed Panettone where candied pear chunks are mixed with extra dark chocolate chips.

Cod. i16 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Ciliegia e Cioccolato

A mix of flavours impossible to renounce is created by the combination of candied cherries and extra dark chocolate chips in the mix of this non-glazed Panettone.

Cod. S04 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone Cioccopesca all'Amaretto

From the most exquisite confectionery traditions, a very peculiar and inviting flavour is born, which is gentle in Cioccopesca Panettone thanks to the union of candied peach chunks and amaretto-flavoured chocolate chips.

Cod. S08 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone al Moscato

Muscat wine meets the filling of Bonifanti Panettone, rich of raisins, creating a perfectly intense and soft mix, perfect to conclude the Christmas lunch or dinner in style.

Cod. S18 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone alla Grappa di Nebbiolo

Here is a dessert intended for the finest gourmets, constantly looking for original experiences. Raisins are soaked in the fine Grappa di Nebbiolo for over 18 hours, to absorb the intensity and scents of the distillate. Then this delicious flavour is harmoniously diffused in the Panettone’s filling to offer the pleasantness of an alcohol touch combined to the usual, typical softness.

Cod. S06 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone all'Amarena

Black cherries become protagonists in the great family of Bonifanti Panettoni that is enriched with an extraordinary, original product, always faithful to the most rigorous confectionery traditions.

Cod. i33 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone al Vin Brulé

Mulled wine has warmed up many during a chilly winter evening. Its spicy taste is the pleasant complement for desserts. This tradition was the inspiration for the Bonifanti Mulled Wine Panettone with IGP Piemonte hazelnut frosting without candied citrus peel. Raisins are soaked in Barbera d’Alba DOC wine flavoured with cinnamon and cloves with the addition of pieces of candied peach for a truly special treat.

Cod. i114 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone alla Birra e Cioccolato

An extraordinary combination that explores new sensations. The beer that characterises this Panettone is dark, similar in taste to Imperial Stout. It has a medium alcohol content (8% abv) and a complex taste that perfectly harmonises with all the traditional ingredients of the time-honoured Bonifanti recipe. 

Cod. i115 1000 g - 6 pz x crt


Panettone al Marsala

It is always a pleasure to sample new flavours backed up by time-honoured traditions and customs consolidated over time on the dessert table. When Marsala wine meets Panettone Bonifanti, the result exceeds expectations with a harmony of taste characterised by surprising delicacy and personality.

Cod. i116 1000 g - 6 pz x crt