Panettone Milanese Zenzero e Kiwi

Almost unconventional, but fantastic. The candied slices of kiwi with its sour taste, but also tasty and refreshing, it’s a perfect combination with the stinging flavour and the spicy aftertaste of ginger. Inside the Panettone without glaze, this pungent flavour meets vanilla beans from Madagascar, fresh eggs from barn hens, selected flours and premium quality butter.

Cod. S40 1000 g – 6 pz x crt

Panettone Milanese Zenzero e Limone

A dough with an intense flavour. The fresh eggs from barn hens, the selected flours and the premium quality butter blend to the slow traditional candying process of the lemon fillets which, combined with the spiciness of ginger sweeten by the vanilla beans from Madagascar, give to the palate an intense and pleasant flavour at the same time. Very original.

Cod. S41 1000 g – 6 pz x crt