Respecting the slow rhythms of natural fermentation, the live yeasts of the “Yeast Mother Bonifanti” are constantly nourished and refreshed with the addition of water and flour. The first step of the preparation consists in the division of the dough: a part is stored for the subsequent processing, while another part begins its path to become a Bonifanti panettone.
And then more water and flour for let it rest the dough, time during which the dough reaches the right level of leavening. With the addition of sugar, butter and eggs, it remains overnight in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. And finally, the morning after the wait is repaid as usual: the dough has tripled its volume.

The morning of the second day is dedicated to the “second dough”, in which are added, in addition to the basic ingredients, those characterizing: orange, cedar, peach, pear, apricot, black cherry, cherry, grapes, chocolate, many natural flavors that make unique the Bonifanti Panettoni.
The dough, thus enriched with intonations and nuances of flavors, is portioned, rounded and left to rest; each panettone inside its “little cake”.
In the slow flow of the day the natural yeast produces the “second leavening” and only in the evening the panettone is ready for a gradual cooking after being covered with a hazelnut icing and enriched with almonds or sugar grains. At the end of cooking, the panettone begins the cooling phase that takes place at room temperature for one night, in an inverted position to promote a uniform diffusion of flavors and flavors released by the ingredients, without the use of technologies for the heat extraction.

Compliance with the cooling times is one of the secrets to guaranteeing quality and flavor to the Bonifanti Panettone. Only on the morning of the third day, when more than 48 hours have passed since the beginning of the processing, the panettone has finished its processing cycle and remains awaiting the final touch: the handmade packaging. The result is a work of high skill, beautiful to see and memorable to taste.