The moment you taste a Bonifanti panettone, you understand the lightness and “rich simplicity” of a pastry product that is not at all sweet, because it is not rich in sugar, but that gives off all the flavours and aromas of the ingredients it contains.
You taste the softness and you perceive that the candied fruits used are real fruits macerated exclusively in lemon juice, they are like candies inside a soft bread.
Always the protagonist, in the middle of the festivities, or for breakfast, to be soaked in coffee. It is much better to buy a single high-quality product instead of three low-quality ones.
Giving it away means creating harmony and sharing with the person who receives it.
It’s a responsibility, because everyone knows what kind of gift they can give to others, but there is the absolute awareness of giving something good in taste and at the same time beautiful in appearance. This is what a Panettone Bonifanti transmits.