La Colomba Bonifanti

In this tasty recipe, the glazed dove, with the mixture of flour and butter of first choice with fresh free-range eggs, is flavored with sultana raisin, candied orange peel and cedar, cocoa butter, Madagascar vanilla berries and covered with hazelnuts and whole almonds.

Cod. C70 1000 g – 6 pz x crt

Colomba Gran Classica 1000g
Colomba Meraviglia

Sometimes it is nice to explore something different at the table, some unusual combination able to surprise also the most rigorous traditionalists. This Colomba topped with the hazelnuts, is filled and harmonises candied apricot and cedar, dehydrated papaya pulp and pineapple.

Cod. C71 1000 g – 6 pz x crt

Colomba Classica Meraviglia 1000g
Colomba Limone e Cioccolato Bianco

The traditional dough of Colomba blends with the delicate taste of white chocolate and lemon peel. Covered with a glaze of hazelnuts and chopped sugar. Colomba with a light and fragrant taste.

Cod. C80 1000 g – 6 pz x crt

Colomba Limone e cioccolato bianco 1000g
Colomba al Cioccolato

In this tasty recipe, Bonifanti, offers a Colomba, with hazelnuts and chocolate. A perfect combination which has an impact on the history of Piedmont delicacies. Outside: a crisp glaze of hazelnuts enriched with almonds. Inside: delicious dark chocolate chips, the dough, the cocoa butter and the vanilla berries from Madagascar that fall in with the selected flours, the first-choice butter and the fresh barn eggs.

Cod. C73 1000 g – 6 pz x crt

Colomba Farcita al Cioccolato 850g

The lovely perforated metal container and the small tin with wooden lid, contain La Colombina of 130 grams. Bows with ribbons in cotton/organza fabric.

Cod. L51 130 g – 12 pz x crt (Colombina in metal box)
Cod. L135 130 g – 12 pz x crt (Colombina tin with lid)

Colombina Astuccio Primavera

The pretty crocheted cotton bag and the box in Scottish fantasy closed by a satin bow contain the Colombina of 130 grams.

Cod. L52 130 g – 18 pz x crt