When you feel like a craftsman, the common denominator of everything is passion; and when there is passion, in the end only a good product can come out.
There are companies that define their assets as the sum of numbers formed by the value of real estate, bank accounts, machinery and equipment, know-how.
At Bonifanti we have a unique heritage made up of our staff. There is a relationship at the individual level between all employees and between each employee and the top management of the company. We all know each other by name, we know the families, there are daily contacts between the owners and the administrative, logistics, production and sales staff. Working at Bonifanti is like working in a family. Everyone does their own thing and everyone has achieved such a culture, formed over the years, which is not comparable to the “standard” know-how of those who work in the confectionery industry.
At Bonifanti, the almost maniacal research for the choice of raw materials never stops.
And you never compromise on raw material costs; quality remains constant regardless of price fluctuations.
Bonifanti is a product-oriented company, in the sense that it focuses primarily on the type of product linked to extreme attention to ingredients and the use of pure natural sourdough.

We have very well-cared packaging because, within the company, there is a team of ladies who pack the product by hand. An important element is precisely the handmade packaging. If we put so much effort, from the yeast to the dough, from the two leavenings to the natural cooling, from the research for top raw materials to the management of the sales force, we must have the same effort in the packaging, one by one, each product.