The difference is felt that it is a pleasure.
The goodness, although at least partly subjective, can not be evaluated if not compared with other similar products.
We invite you to taste our products comparing them with others.
That’s right, the difference feels like it’s a pleasure.
And to make you feel pleasure, we pay the utmost attention to the ingredients we knead. Maximum attention means choosing the best that is on the market regardless of price.
To make the best desserts you need the best ingredients. This is why Bonifanti seeks and chooses the finest raw materials on the world market with a selection process that requires continuous attention.

The wheat flour is produced with selected grains, which have a high content of gluten and protein, ideal for the long rising times required by natural yeast in pure white mother Bonifanti that is never ever contaminated by the addition of brewer’s yeast.
The eggs are strictly fresh, just shelled, and only of hens raised on the ground.
The butter is carefully selected and analyzed in each batch.
The sultanas of Smirne, with its soft and thin peel grains, in addition to being of great caliber, is washed several times in the company before entering the dough.
Candies are real fruit chosen in season that is candied specifically for Bonifanti only with sugar and lemon juice, without the use of sulfur dioxide and citric acid. They are of great caliber to give greater taste to the dough.
The vanilla of Madagascar is authentic and in berries, not the common aroma of vanilla.
The delicious hazelnut frosting made exclusively using “IGP Piemonte Hazelnuts” and raw shelled almonds delivered straight from sunny Puglia, italian southern region.
Finally there are two unique ingredients that can not be found on the market: a natural microclimate created by the proximity of the Alps and the mountain rivers, with the Po river still at the beginning of its journey and the experience of those who make desserts since 1932.