When the good is married with the beautiful. Panettone Bonifanti is dedicated to those who love the goodness, beauty and the authenticity. His style is seductive and refined, in respect to the tradition of a true Italian pleasure. Taste and elegance, substance and form, quality and aesthetics, from classical hand-wrapped to the innovative and sophisticated gift packs and the elegant presentations traditional or modern. Panettone Bonifanti is a story of passion, in every sense: perception of unmistakable scents, taste of intense flavors but delicate, elasticity and softness, crispness of the glaze and the softness of candied fruit, a true and real “dresses” tailoring. A satisfaction for who gives it and a pleasant surprise for who receive it.

The packages of Bonifanti Panettoni are a traditional element that distinguishes the company.
The classic flower shape of Corolla boxes, the amusing Famiglia in Festa line, the Wrapping carefully prepared by a female team. They are referred to as “the wrapping ladies” and boast the task to paper wrap, enclose and decorate with ribbons the products, one by one. Thus each panettone becomes a unique piece.

Packages studied in the shape and materials in order to be always topical and appealing in store windows; the right and elegant mix of craftsmanship that distinguish the product from competitors.