When making a choice of value, such as buying a Panettone Bonifanti, it is right to know what the main differences of the purchase object are compared to what can be obtained with a cheaper or apparently cheaper option.


  • It is made only with natural mother sourdough, exclusive Bonifanti.
    It does not even contain a minimum of brewer’s yeast.
  • It is prepared in 3 days of processing in compliance with the natural times of slow leavening and cooling.
    It is cooled to room temperature before packaging, without using forced temperature to reduce production times.
  • Contains only real fruit, candied with sugar and stored in lemon juice without the addition of sulfur dioxide or other industrial
    chemical elements exists on the market.
  • It is light, digestible and tasty thanks to the characteristics of natural mother sourdough.
  • It is strictly packaged by hand.